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State Representatives

As of 2023 - 2024 Salem is in House District 25 Rockingham County. We are represented by 9 State Representatives.

(R) Lori Ball

Lori Ball
Rep. Lori Ball

Representative Ball first term elected to the NH State House. She graduated from Rivier University with a Master of Education in Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities. She was later certified as a Reading and Writing Specialist in 2011, and accepted into the Education in Leadership and Learning Doctoral Program in 2018. Lori is serving on the Children and Family Law Committee.

Occupations: Public Servant; retired


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(R) Tanya Donnelly

Representative Donnelly's first term elected to the NH State House. She also serves on Salem's Budget Committee, Salem's Republican Town Committee Vice Chair,

Tanya Donnelly
Rep. Tanya Donnelly

President of Greater Salem FRW, Regional Chair for Area 2 on the NH GOP State Committee, and President of the Canobie Lake Protective Association. She serves on the Resource, Recreation, and Development Committee.

Occupations: Independent Business Consultant


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(R) Fred Doucette

Rep. Fred Doucette
Rep. Fred Doucette

Representative Fred Doucette has been elected to four terms in the NH legislature, including serving as Assistant Majority Leader. We need to find bipartisan ways to lower electric rates, address the opioid epidemic, and keep our unemployment rate low. We should also continue to successfully business tax cuts. He will continue to be an accessible voice in Concord for Salem's best interests. He serves on the Ways and Means Committee and Special Committee on Commissions

Occupation: Retired Salem firefighter and paramedic

Years in Salem: 35 years


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(R) John Janigian

John Janigian
Rep. John Janigian

Representative John Janigian's diverse background, deep concern for issues and thoughtful demeanor helps him navigate, negotiate and provide important feedback on a myriad of issues effecting Salem and the State of NH. He has a BS degree in Chemistry from Tufts University, and a MS degree in Computer Science from Boston University and worked in the computer field for 25 years. He was a former Director of Engineering for several technology start-up companies and is currently in property management and a Real Estate Broker. John proudly serves as the Church Moderator at the Ararat Armenian Congregational Church in Salem.

He is passionate about keeping the New Hampshire Advantage strong with No Sales Tax and No Income Tax. He has received an “A” rating from the NRA. He has been married to his wife Mary Ann, for 32 years and is blessed with 3 grown daughters. John and his wife are expecting their first grandchild in a couple months. He is motivated to keep NH growing and prospering for future generations. He serves as the Vice Chairman on the Ways and Means Committee.


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(R) Betty Gay

Betty Gay
Rep. Betty Gay

Representative Dennis Mannion represents the town of Salem. He has been in Law Enforcment for 30 years working in various positions to include patrol, community policing as well as police prosecutor. This experience will serve him well on the Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee.

Occupation: Retired quality & semiconductor process engineering and Observer columnist. Active volunteer for several organizations

Years in Salem: 43 years

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(R) Everett McBride

Everett McBride
Rep. Everett McBride

Everett is currently serving a 2-year term as State Representative elected in November 2018. He has extensive experience in Salem’s local government that makes him uniquely qualified to represent Salem NH as a State Representative.

Everett was first elected in 1985 to a 3-year term on the Salem Budget committee, served as Secretary 1985, Vice Chairman in 1986 and Chairman 1987. In 1992 he was elected to a second 3-year term on the Budget Committee. In 1993 he was elected to a 3-year term on the BOS, serving on the BOS continuously through 2011 over the years serving as Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary. In April 2011 was appointed to the Budget Committee serving until March 2012. In March 2012, he was Elected to the BOS serving continuously until March 2018 when he did not seek re-election. In April 2018, BOS appointed me to served until March 2019 did not seek re-election. Attended all Eagle Court of Honor in Salem Representing the Board of Selectman from March 1993 -March 2019.

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(R) Joe Sweeney

Joe Sweeney
Rep. Joe Sweeney

Joe was first elected to the New Hampshire House in the November 2012 elections. Joe served two terms, sitting on the Election Law Committee fighting for common sense election law and procedures throughout the State. In July 2015, Joe was elected Chairman of the New Hampshire Young Republicans, and was re-elected in April 2017.

Joe believes that when states step back and allow people to do more and be more, we all can achieve more. Joe graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor’s in Political Science in May of 2016 and completed his Master’s in Public Policy from the Carsey School of Public Policy in May of 2018. Joe is a fighter for the New Hampshire Advantage and wishes to see future growth and stability for his town of Salem and New Hampshire as a whole.

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(R) John Sytek

John Sytek
Rep. John Sytek

John Sytek moved to Salem in 1971 from Portsmouth where he had worked as a nuclear engineer at the shipyard. Since then he co-founded a small business (group of copy centers). After selling the business, he got certified to teach high school Latin. He retired after 15 years as an educator but continues to teach part-time at Salem High. He has served on the board of Salem Dollars for Scholars for 25 years and has been appointed by the court to be a bail commissioner. John also serves as Salem’s Town Treasure.

During eight terms in the NH House John has served on the committee that deals with the state retirement system and professional licensing. He has worked to assure the solvency of the NH Retirement system so that retirees get the benefits they have earned. He believes that occupational licensing should be required only to protect health and safety, not to limit competition.

Rep. Sytek has voted on thousands of bills during his time in the legislature. He says, "I try to be thoughtful, evaluating issues on merit, regardless of partisanship. Usually, I think the Republican approach is right, but I don't march lockstep with anyone."

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(R) Susan Vandecasteele

Susan Vandecasteele
Rep. Susan Vandecasteele

Susan was born and raised in Salem. She wants to become more involved in the community, and have the younger generation get out to vote, as well as all residents of Salem. Susan feels our forefathers fought for this right so that we, the people, can have a say in what happens, and your vote makes that happen. This will be her first term as your State Representative. Susan is passionate about the Constitution and what it stands for. She wants New Hampshire to stay the way it’s always been; New Hampshire is what America should be. Susan wants to go to Concord and represent the Salem that she grew up in.

Occupation: Automotive / Customer Service Advisor/Public Servant

Years in Salem: 50 plus years

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